The campaign, run by the Western Gazette and Yeovil Round Table, will give out a total of £15,000 to 30 local charities, community groups and other non-profit organisations.

And the hard work now begins for the panel of judges charged with the daunting task of selecting the 30 causes to be in with a chance of winning up to £5,000 for their project.

A four-person judging panel will meet to determine which entries they deem the most worthy, and subsequently guarantee them a share of the £15,000 jackpot.

The panel consists of Yeovil Round Table vice-chairman Jon Majeika, secretary Steve Farnham, longest-serving member, Mark Porter, and Lynne Fernquest, editor of the Western Gazette.

YNC got down to the last 30 in the Western Gazette Competition, and recieved £500 for the club. Many thanks to all who helped collect tokens from the Western Gazette newspapers.

The winners recieing £5,000 was Yeovil District Hospitals Flying Colours appeal.