Netball is a great game for young people; you get to keep fit, have fun and make new friends through teamwork.

Your Netball should always be enjoyable. While you’re playing Netball, whether during or after a match, in a tournament or at club training, no one should ever make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable. This includes your coaches, the umpires, other players or people watching.

You can tell if something is wrong, if someone:

  • constantly teases you, shouts at you or calls you names
  • threatens, hits, kicks or punches you
  • touches you or does anything in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • makes suggestive remarks or tries to pressurise you into sexual activity
  • damages or steals your belongings
  • does anything that makes you feel lonely, worried, unsafe, hurt, embarrassed or uncomfortable

What to do if you feel worried, upset or uncomfortable about something

If you play in a Netball club, there should be an adult who is a Club Safeguarding Officer or Club Child Protection Officer. Their role is to make sure the club is safe for young people, and to help you if you have any worries. You should find out who this person is, in your club.

  • ┬áIf you feel unhappy or uncomfortable about something that is happening, you should tell your parents or carers, or you can tell the Club Safeguarding Officer who is there to help
  • If you are unable to speak to the Club Safeguarding Officer or your club doesn’t have one, you should tell an adult you trust or, if this is difficult, you could ask one of your friends to speak to an adult for you
  • If you feel in any immediate danger, get away from the situation quickly, go to a public place to find help or call the police (999)

Be Safe Leaflet