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  • Hendford v Wyndham – 5th May

    Wyndham v Hendford 35-42 Both teams came out fighting on this glorious sunny Saturday. Hendford’s defense managed  to turn over a few Centers passes and ended the first quarter 8-14 in Hendford’s favor. With both teams hungry for the win, the 2nd quarter was a hard battle. Hendford regained their […]

  • Wyndham v Sapphires – 28th April

    Wyndham v Sapphires 54:44 Wyndham secured a hard fought 10 goal victory against table toppers, Sapphires, in their penultimate game of the season. It was the home team that had the advantage in the first quarter, forcing turnovers and quashing the Sapphires attack. Wyndham looked sharp in their goal third […]

  • Wyndham v Monmouth – 14th April

    Wyndham v Monmouth 40-47

  • Wyndham v Robins – 24th March

    Wyndham v Robins 55 – 30 Wyndham played Robins with the addition of half of Hendford. Everyone went out hard with cohesion between players developing quickly. With turnovers in every aspect of the court Wyndham were able to capitalise on opportunities ending the quarter 15-8 With the determination to maintain […]

  • Wyndham v Vipers – 17th March

    Wyndham v Vipers 57-48 Paulton team Vipers started the game with conviction, pressurising every pass and forcing errors throughout the court. However a late rally in the first quarter resulted in a flurry of goals for the visitors, leaving them trailing by 5 goals at quarter time: 14-9. A Wyndham […]

  • Wyndham v Quantock – 10th March

    Wyndham v Quantock 46-46

  • Wyndham v Vipers – 24th Feb

    Wyndham v Vipers 63-54  

  • Wyndham v Parkfield – 10th Feb

    Wyndham v Parkfield 35-21 Wyndham faced Taunton team, Parkfield, for the second week in a row. Adverse weather conditions led to a scrappy game, with visitors, Wyndham, emerging the victors, 35:21.  It was Wyndham who had the better start, capitalising on loose balls and unforced errors. Despite a blustery wind […]

  • Wyndham v Parkfield – 3rd February

    Wyndham v Parkfield 56-39 A final score of 56:39 did not reflect what was actually a closely fought match. Wyndham took the upper hand in the first quarter, with slick play in attack and an intensity in defence that forced turnovers, going into quarter time with a 13:7 lead. The […]

  • Wyndham v Avalon – 27th January

    Wyndham v Avalon 44-25 Wyndham capitalised on inclement weather to beat Avalon. Despite a decisive start by the Glastonbury visitors, a tenacious whole court defence enabled Wyndham shooters to claw back an early 4 point deficit. Wyndham dominated in the centre court, creating turnovers and feeding the circle taking Wyndham […]