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  • Summerhouse v Doves – 21st November

    Summerhouse v Doves 18-6  

  • Summerhouse v. Brendan (TNC) – 18th October

    Summerhouse v Brendan (Taunton) 25-15 Summerhouse showed good pace and movement up and down the court to take an early lead 10 – 2 Summerhouse made some changes in the second quarter. Some lovely play particularly around the circle meant Summerhouse maintained a lead of 15 – 6 Summerhouse were a […]

  • Summerhouse v. Gillingham NC – 20th September

    Summerhouse v. Gillingham NC 22-20 Summerhouse went to Port Regis School to play their first match of the season. In the first quarter they took an early lead. The team were quite tightly marker but kept the ball moving up the court. By the end of the first quarter Summerhouse […]