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  • Reckleford v Aldon – 5th May

    Reckleford v Aldon 34-52 Reckleford started the first quarter with the intensity from last week. They wanted the man on man marking to force aldon to make errors. Reckleford were 4-0 up and feeling positive but aldon came back fighting. Ending the 1st quarter 16-11 to aldon. Reckleford knew they […]

  • Reckleford v Rubies – 28th April

    Reckleford v Rubies 44-48  Reckleford sponsored by Stalbridge Linen played Rubies at Home. Winning the first centre pass Reckleford started strong and scored the first goal. Great play across the whole court saw turnover after turnover and a good lead for Reckleford ending the quarter 14-10. Adamant to win, Reckleford […]

  • Reckleford v Bishops – 21st April

    Reckleford v Bishops 25-47 Reckleford played Bishops in Wells. The first quarter started out as the wettest quarter Reckleford have had this year. The court became a pool as everyone fought hard to gain the lead. The first quarter ended 8-10 As there was only 2 goals in it, the […]

  • Reckleford v Queensway – 14th April

    Reckleford v Queensway 27-39 Reckleford played Queensway in the first sunny game of the year. Reckleford, with a young squad, started very strong with defence, centre count and attack all performing well. First quarter was goal for goal ending 7-7. Second quarter started with the same squad and the same […]

  • Reckleford v Walton – 24th March

    Reckleford v Walton 34-46 Reckleford played Walton at strode college. Reckleford went out with fighting spirt and with some players playing up we wanted to go out with the strongest team. We had some great turnovers from defenders and it was brought down the court by some quick balls from […]

  • Reckleford v Blackdown – 17th March

    Reckleford v Blackdown 45-44 Reckleford (sponsored by Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services) proved themselves to be hardcore outdoor players this week playing against Blackdown in gusty winds and snow.  Every player went out with great determination to win the first quarter and with the wind behind us (not overly advantageous) we won the quarter 14-8. This set us up for the […]

  • Reckleford v Spears – 10th March

    Reckleford v Spears 24-35 Reckleford travelled to Paulton to play Spears. This was a new defence for today and a change in attack so we knew we had to work hard to try and settle as quickly as we could. We went out strong and played some great netball throughout, […]

  • Reckleford v Venus – 10th Feb

    Reckleford v Venus 44-21 Reckleford sponsored by Stalbridge Linen played Venus away at Bridgwater.  With the rain pouring down both teams started with determination. Reckleford made some great interceptions and worked together to bring a safe ball down the court but Venus fought for every ball and the first ended […]

  • Reckleford v Walton – 3rd February

    Reckleford v Walton 39-45 Reckleford came out strong in the first quarter, their defence turned over ball and the attack were working the ball around and getting it into their shooters who were converting the shots. Reckleford ended the first quarter 3 goals up 12-9. In the second quarter Reckleford […]

  • Reckleford v Priory (Cup) – 20th January

    Reckleford v Priory  29-49 Reckleford played Priory again this week in the KO Cup Qualifiers.  Every player fought hard through out the match applying pressure throughout the court and producing quality play.  Attacking every ball and forcing errors.  Ending the first quarter a goal behind. The second quarter Reckleford kept […]