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  • Reckleford v Spears – 9th December

    Reckleford v Spears 29-53 Reckleford came into the this game motivated and determined to win. The first quarter saw a close battle between the two teams. Spears pulled a small lead in this quarter with the score of 9-12. Reckleford carried their optimistic attitude into the second quarter. Issy, who was […]

  • Reckleford v Bishops – 2nd December

    Reckleford v Bishops  38-54 Reckleford went out hard in the first quarter taking on determination of last weeks game. Reckleford were strong and gained lots of interceptions and turnovers finishing the quarter 9-11 to Bishops. In the second quarter Reckleford gained more goals by getting even tougher in the defence […]

  • Reckleford v Queensway – 25th November

    Reckleford v Queensway 30-34 Reckleford were determined to win this game but went out a bit too quick needing to settle into the game. Queensway scoring the first few goals.  Reckleford pulled it back with some good balls down the court resulting in goal for goal and finishing 8-5 to Queensway. Queensway came out hard […]

  • Reckleford v Venus – 4th November

    Reckleford v Venus  49-38 Reckleford went out determined to win this first quarter which they did, defence battling every feed into the circle with some great tips really unsettling the oppositions comfort zone. Ending 12-11 No changes made to the squad Reckleford came back onto court with excellent support from the […]

  • Reckleford v Kites – 21st October

    Reckleford v Kites 30-45 With a smaller starting squad, Reckleford were joined by substitutes who helped aid the exceptional play through out the tough game. Both teams came out fighting with great determination, but Kites took the lead at the end of the first quarter due to capitalising on some […]

  • Reckleford v. Blackdown – 7th October

    Reckleford v Blackdown  46-29 With a full squad, Reckleford played their first home game of the season against Blackdown. In the first quarter the shooters were all on top form consistently scoring first time. With accurate passes and feeds from the attacking players, Reckleford won the first quarter 14-11. The […]

  • Reckleford v Rubies – 30th September

    Reckleford v Rubies 38-40 In a closely fought first quarter Reckleford’s excellent teamwork resulted in a 1 goal advantage with the score, 10-9    In the second quarter Reckleford continued to work well as a team converting their opportunities to goal however Rubies upped their attacking play using the high ball into […]

  • Reckleford v. Priory – 16th September

    Reckleford v. Priory 27-53 Recklefords second game of the season was against Priory. Both teams came out fighting from the very start and with defence working hard a few minutes passed before the first goal was scored. Priory made some great interceptions and turned a few balls over ending the […]

  • Reckleford v. Kites – 9th Sept

    Reckleford v Kites 25-39 First game of the season and emotions were running high.  Reckleford entered the court and aimed to settle as quickly as possible and apply pressure.  With Kites GS not missing, they soon lead the quarter.  Reckleford defence worked hard to apply pressure on their attack and turn the ball over only for Kites defence to do […]

  • Reckleford v Harlequins – 15th April

    Final Score: 39 – 42 Reckleford met Quins for their last League match of the season.  The first quarter got off to a slow start with play being turned over several times before the first goal was finally scored, about 4 minutes into the game.  It took a while for […]