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  • Newton v Claremont – 9th December

    Newton v Claremont 47-47 This was Newton’s last game of 2017 and they were hoping for a victory! Newton started the first quarter strong, craving every interception however, Newton struggled to convert goals. Newton finished the first quarter 7-14 down. Newton was happy with their start however, knew they needed to […]

  • Newton v Swans – 2nd December

    Newton v Swans 38-48 Newton had a bit of a slow start, with yet another new starting 7, and shortly found themselves down by 5. However, they managed to pull together as a team. They managed to win some good turn overs in defence and centre court and pull it […]

  • Newton v Hovelands – 25th November

    Newton v Hovelands 38-57 Newton played Hovelands and unfortunately lost 57-38. It was a very challenging match and we came out and tried our absolute best. The first quarter ended up 14-8 so we were in a position where we could win it back. However with the defence and the […]

  • Newton v Saturn – 4th November

    Newton v Saturn  44-28 Newton played Saturn and won comfortably 44-28! In the first quarter the score was 11-5, they went out hard and with some good defending and interceptions and managed not to give many balls away with a great team effort. The second quarter ended up 20-11 where […]

  • Newton v Sharks – 14th October

    Newton v Sharks 34-46 Newton played Sharks at home today but unfortunately lost 46. 34. The team started off well with a new line up from previous games.  The first quarter started off goal for goal but saw Newton go in one goal down (8 9) going into the 2nd […]

  • Newton v Tone – 7th October

    Newton v Tone  44-53 Newton hosted Taunton’s Tone in the second game of the season, sadly losing 53-44. Newton took a while to settle into the game but even with good centre court play and some amazing interceptions in defence this didn’t stop Tone taking the lead in the first quarter (13-10).  Newton came […]

  • Newton v Kestrels – 30th September

    Newton v Kestrels 51-47 Newton travelled to Taunton Vale to play Kestrels, this was Newton’s first game of the season and they were hoping for victory! Newton started the first quarter strong, craving every interception. Combined pressure on the centre pass, followed by accurate shooting by the shooting pair allowed […]

  • Newton v Gems – 1st April

    Gems v Newton 57-18 Newton played Gems on Saturday with it set out to be a challenging game from the start! Numerous inaccurate passes and failing to catch the ball as well as strong defence from Gems made it hard to settle for Newton ending the first quarter 16-4 The […]

  • Newton v Vivary – 25th March

    Newton v Vivary Final Score: 23-66 For the last home game of the season Newton played Vivary. The home team started the game determined to be strong and put into play everything from training, however, found it difficult to overcome the Vivary speed and defence. Team changes were made in the centre court for the second quarter but Newton struggled to move the […]

  • Newton v Saturn – 11th March

    Saturn v Newton Final score: 50-33 An early match for Newton in Bridgwater saw Newton GA get injured in the warm up which meant a sub was called upon to make her debut and play from the start.  There was also a welcome return for a YNC player who was […]