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  • Aldon v Queensway – 21st October

    Aldon v Queensway 32-38 This week’s fixture was a home game in the dome against Queensway. Aldon struggled to get into the game in the first quarter with Queensway pulling away within a first few minutes. However Aldon finally settled into a rhythm, managing to turn over the ball with many interceptions and levelled […]

  • Reckleford v Kites – 21st October

    Reckleford v Kites 30-45 With a smaller starting squad, Reckleford were joined by substitutes who helped aid the exceptional play through out the tough game. Both teams came out fighting with great determination, but Kites took the lead at the end of the first quarter due to capitalising on some […]

  • Wyndham v Harlequins – 21st October

    Wyndham v Harlequins 44-41 Wyndham took on Harlequins for the second time this season, however this game didn’t start like the first time. Harlequins went out hard and utilised every mistake made by Wyndham as well as forcing errors out to take the first quarter 16-7 Wyndham went out in […]

  • Babylon v Mavericks – 21st October

    Babylon v Mavericks (RL2) 42-51 Q1 10-12 Babylon started off the first quarter with multiple tips and interceptions, but couldn’t quite bring these all the way to goal. There was excellent support from the sideline, rising our spirits and allowing us to claw back several goals. Babylon finished the quarter […]

  • Summerhouse v. Brendan (TNC) – 18th October

    Summerhouse v Brendan (Taunton) 25-15 Summerhouse showed good pace and movement up and down the court to take an early lead 10 – 2 Summerhouse made some changes in the second quarter. Some lovely play particularly around the circle meant Summerhouse maintained a lead of 15 – 6 Summerhouse were a […]

  • Babylon v Crossbow – 14th October

    Babylon v Crossbow (RL2) 47-49 Q1 13-12 Babylon started the first quarter with great determination. The team worked hard to get the ball and feed it into the shooters. The score was evenly balanced all throughout the quarter, with some great work in the defensive circle to try and stop the oppositions score. Babylon finished the quarter in […]

  • Newton v Sharks – 14th October

    Newton v Sharks 34-46 Newton played Sharks at home today but unfortunately lost 46. 34. The team started off well with a new line up from previous games.  The first quarter started off goal for goal but saw Newton go in one goal down (8 9) going into the 2nd […]

  • Wyndham v Hendford – 11th October

    Wyndham v Hendford 39-34 The first inter-club fixture of the season saw Wyndham edge out Hendford to win 39-34. A series of unforced errors and missed opportunities meant Wyndham only had 7 goals to show for themselves by the end of the first quarter. Despite repeated turnovers, the quarter finished […]

  • Junior Tournament – 8th October

    JUNIORS U16 Yeovil v Bridgwater 9-40 Yeovil got off to a good start to the match against Bridgwater on Sunday. Staying level or within a few goals in the first part of the first quarter. However, some reliable and consistent shooting meant that Bridgwater slowly starting edging away.  Yeovil kept […]

  • Aldon v. Bishops – 7th October

    Aldon v Bishops  12-49  This week’s fixture for Aldon was away at Wells against Bishops. In wet conditions it was Bishops who started strongly, scoring the first few goals and settling quickly into their game. At the end of the first quarter Aldon were down 13 goals to 4.   In the second quarter, despite some […]