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  • Hendford v Harlequins – 17th February

    Hendford v Harlequinns  41 – 60 The game began incredibly well with Hendford and Harlequinns both passing accurately and the ball flowing nicely down the court. However, a decisive start from Harlequinns meant that Hendford just fell short and the quarter ended with a score of 12-18. Determined to close […]

  • Newton v Abbey – 17th February

    Newton v Abbey 46-40 Newton travelled to Strode College to play Abbey, with a strong squad, determined to beat the team that was just above them in the league. A strong start to the game for the away team, with some positive play down the court and ruffling the Abbey […]

  • Reckleford v Venus – 10th Feb

    Reckleford v Venus 44-21 Reckleford sponsored by Stalbridge Linen played Venus away at Bridgwater.  With the rain pouring down both teams started with determination. Reckleford made some great interceptions and worked together to bring a safe ball down the court but Venus fought for every ball and the first ended […]

  • Hendford v Neptune – 10th Feb

    Hendford v Neptune 47-23

  • Wyndham v Parkfield – 10th Feb

    Wyndham v Parkfield 35-21 Wyndham faced Taunton team, Parkfield, for the second week in a row. Adverse weather conditions led to a scrappy game, with visitors, Wyndham, emerging the victors, 35:21.  It was Wyndham who had the better start, capitalising on loose balls and unforced errors. Despite a blustery wind […]

  • Newton v Saturn – 10th Feb

    Newton v Saturn 61-45 An early start away @ Bridgwater this week for Newton but everyone was raring to go determined to come away with a win. Newton started well moving the ball through the court confidently and releasing the ball quickly to a new shooting combination finishing the first […]

  • Babylon v Jupiter – 10th Feb

    Babylon v Jupiter (RL2) 67-33 Babylon triumphed in their game against Jupiter winning 67-33. Babylon kept the intensity high throughout the whole game despite being ahead by quite a significant amount. With the usual squad somewhat disrupted, there were a few worries about how well they would be able to […]

  • Juniors – 4th February

    U16 YNC v Paulton 26-12 An early and cold start for YNC on Sunday, but the players were raring to get the game underway. Taking the first quarter to warm up and losing the first 8-5, Yeovil soon stepped it up a gear and created plenty of opportunities to turn […]

  • Aldon v Paulton (Cup) – 3rd February

    Aldon v Paulton (cup) 17-27 Aldon travelled to Paulton where the weather was against us. In the first quarter it took Aldon some time to work out how the other team played but Aldon fought for ever ball ending the quarter with spears leading 7-3 Aldon made some changes in […]

  • Reckleford v Walton – 3rd February

    Reckleford v Walton 39-45 Reckleford came out strong in the first quarter, their defence turned over ball and the attack were working the ball around and getting it into their shooters who were converting the shots. Reckleford ended the first quarter 3 goals up 12-9. In the second quarter Reckleford […]