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  • Hendford v Parkfield – 25th November

    Hendford v Parkfield 36-42

  • Hendford v Sapphires – 11th November

    Hendford v Sapphires 37-47 An early morning game meant an early morning rise for Hendford. The first quarter started and with a few silly mistakes Hendford were down by the end. With a sub at WD going into the second quarter Hendford fought their way back. With some great feeds […]

  • Hendford v Neptune – 4th November

    Hendford v Neptune  47-20 What a great game and win for Hendford!! They came out very strong and fast in the first quarter with score ending at 17:2. Hendford continued with that strengthbut slowed up a little in the second quarter, with the score ending in 26:9. They had a bit of an off third quarter with players tiring […]

  • Hendford v Monmouth – 7th October

    Hendford v Monmouth  45-35 Great win for Hendford this week. Quickly leading 5-0 we were feeling strong but started to make a few mistakes and a few teething errors meant the score turned to 5-3. Thankfully we picked back up and the quarter ended 12-7 to Hendford. 2nd quarter saw […]

  • Hendford v. Quantock – 23rd September

    Hendford v. Quantock 33 – 31 Hendfords first game of the season was away to Quantock. Play was a bit frantic for the 1st quarter which led to Quantock leading 8 goals to 7 Hendford settled down in the 2nd quarter. The defence pressured the ball and forced some errors […]

  • Hendford v Quantock – 25th March

    Hendford v Quantock Final Score: 42-26 Last game of the season and Hendford went out looking for the win.  Hendford start off slowly with Quantock taking a 3 goal lead but Hendford where quick to react. With centre court turning the ball over and defence pressuring passes Hendford soon took the lead. Quantock made changes in their circle forcing the defence to change their play to ensure the pressure […]

  • Hendford v Reckleford – 22nd March

    Hendford v Reckleford Final score: 56-37   After losing the toss, Reckleford were able to convert their centre pass into a shot. Despite Reckleford’s strong start, Hendford intercepted many of their passes, providing them with a lead of 15-5 after the first quarter. Fresh legs were brought on by Hendford […]

  • Hendford v Robins – 15th March

    Final Score: 41-26 Hendford hosted Bruton club Robins for an evening fixture outside in the fog – which could have been tough considering Robins are currently sitting second in the league. Hendford were prepared for a fast game and Robins played a tight man marking game which proved tricky for […]

  • Hendford v Venus – 11th March

    Hendford v Venus Final Score: 40-40 Hendford travelled to Bridgwater to meet Venus having already met them on two other occasions the Cup being on of them. Hendford started the game a little slow  and it took a while to settle into the game leaving the first quarter 16-10 adrift. The […]

  • (Cup) Hendford v Queensway – 4th March

    Queensway v Hendford Final score: 35-40 With a new shooting partnership for Hendford they pair settled nicely into their partnership popping up the goals. This quarter was evenly match for both teams. The first quarter ended 10-8.    The second quarter Hendford came out stronger and settled into the game. They gained lots of […]