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  • Hendford v Harlequins – 17th February

    Hendford v Harlequinns  41 – 60 The game began incredibly well with Hendford and Harlequinns both passing accurately and the ball flowing nicely down the court. However, a decisive start from Harlequinns meant that Hendford just fell short and the quarter ended with a score of 12-18. Determined to close […]

  • Hendford v Neptune – 10th Feb

    Hendford v Neptune 47-23

  • Hendford v Hovelands (Cup) – 3rd February

    Hendford v Hovelands (cup) 27-60 Henford were a little apprehensive going into a big cup match against top of the Prem League – Hovelands. After a great team chat from the captain they headed into the game confident with nothing to lose. The game started incredibly well with Henford soon […]

  • Hendford v Sapphires – 27th January

    Hendford v Sapphires 29-31 What a hard fought team effort by Hendfordtoday, despite a different squad due to some usual team players being pulled up to play for other teams within the club. In the first quarter, Hendford went out strong with the it ending in 6: 7 to them. After a change to attack, […]

  • Hendford v Saturn (Cup) – 20th January

    Hendford v Saturn 49-24 Hendford played Saturn in a hard fought cup match. Right from the first centre pass both sides used quick, accurate passing however Hendford capitalised on the turnovers picked up throughout the court. This meant the quarter ended 14-11 to Hendford. Going into the second quarter, Hendford […]

  • Hendford v Vipers – 6th January

    Hendford v Vipers 39-36 Good start to the game, Hendford settled quicker that Vipers but when they did it became a close quarter ending on 10/9 to Hendford. We pulled ahead in the second quarter to 21/18 but fell behind a little in the third, score 28/29. We went back into the […]

  • Hendford v Parkfield – 25th November

    Hendford v Parkfield 36-42

  • Hendford v Sapphires – 11th November

    Hendford v Sapphires 37-47 An early morning game meant an early morning rise for Hendford. The first quarter started and with a few silly mistakes Hendford were down by the end. With a sub at WD going into the second quarter Hendford fought their way back. With some great feeds […]

  • Hendford v Neptune – 4th November

    Hendford v Neptune  47-20 What a great game and win for Hendford!! They came out very strong and fast in the first quarter with score ending at 17:2. Hendford continued with that strengthbut slowed up a little in the second quarter, with the score ending in 26:9. They had a bit of an off third quarter with players tiring […]

  • Hendford v Monmouth – 7th October

    Hendford v Monmouth  45-35 Great win for Hendford this week. Quickly leading 5-0 we were feeling strong but started to make a few mistakes and a few teething errors meant the score turned to 5-3. Thankfully we picked back up and the quarter ended 12-7 to Hendford. 2nd quarter saw […]