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  • Hendford v Wyndham – 5th May

    Wyndham v Hendford 35-42 Both teams came out fighting on this glorious sunny Saturday. Hendford’s defense managed  to turn over a few Centers passes and ended the first quarter 8-14 in Hendford’s favor. With both teams hungry for the win, the 2nd quarter was a hard battle. Hendford regained their […]

  • Hendford v Avalon – 14th April

    Hendford v Avalon 46-36 Hendford faced Avalon in a fiercely fought match at home this weekend. All feeling inspired by England netball Commonwealth achievements the team headed into the game determined and focused. Hendford took the first quarter to settle into the game. Communication was strong between the team, but Avalon managed to pull […]

  • Hendford v Avalon – 17th March

    Hendford v Avalon 34-44 Hendford had a relatively new squad out on Saturday so with new combinations came new challenges. This resulted in Hendford starting the first quarter slow as connections between players were being developed. Avalon capitalized on this and pulled ahead by 8 goals at some points. However, […]

  • Hendford v Monmouth – 10th March

    Hendford v Monmouth 19-53 Luckily the rain had died down and the sun was out as we took to the court. End of 1st Q score 8/5 to Monmouth. We went back in with our competitive heads on but Monmouth really pulled away in 2nd Quarter to a 25/7 score at half […]

  • Hendford v Quantock – 24th Feb

    Hendford v Quantock 32-44   Hendford were last up on a big day of home fixtures for YNC. Due to the heat, Hendford started off slow with a much lower intensity than usual. Defense worked well together to try and prevent goals. However, Quantock had a much stronger start therefore we were down 7-14 at quarter time. […]

  • Hendford v Harlequins – 17th February

    Hendford v Harlequinns  41 – 60 The game began incredibly well with Hendford and Harlequinns both passing accurately and the ball flowing nicely down the court. However, a decisive start from Harlequinns meant that Hendford just fell short and the quarter ended with a score of 12-18. Determined to close […]

  • Hendford v Neptune – 10th Feb

    Hendford v Neptune 47-23

  • Hendford v Hovelands (Cup) – 3rd February

    Hendford v Hovelands (cup) 27-60 Henford were a little apprehensive going into a big cup match against top of the Prem League – Hovelands. After a great team chat from the captain they headed into the game confident with nothing to lose. The game started incredibly well with Henford soon […]

  • Hendford v Sapphires – 27th January

    Hendford v Sapphires 29-31 What a hard fought team effort by Hendfordtoday, despite a different squad due to some usual team players being pulled up to play for other teams within the club. In the first quarter, Hendford went out strong with the it ending in 6: 7 to them. After a change to attack, […]

  • Hendford v Saturn (Cup) – 20th January

    Hendford v Saturn 49-24 Hendford played Saturn in a hard fought cup match. Right from the first centre pass both sides used quick, accurate passing however Hendford capitalised on the turnovers picked up throughout the court. This meant the quarter ended 14-11 to Hendford. Going into the second quarter, Hendford […]