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  • Babylon v Mavericks – 21st October

    Babylon v Mavericks (RL2) 42-51 Q1 10-12 Babylon started off the first quarter with multiple tips and interceptions, but couldn’t quite bring these all the way to goal. There was excellent support from the sideline, rising our spirits and allowing us to claw back several goals. Babylon finished the quarter […]

  • Babylon v Crossbow – 14th October

    Babylon v Crossbow (RL2) 47-49 Q1 13-12 Babylon started the first quarter with great determination. The team worked hard to get the ball and feed it into the shooters. The score was evenly balanced all throughout the quarter, with some great work in the defensive circle to try and stop the oppositions score. Babylon finished the quarter in […]

  • Babylon v. Titans – 7th October

    Babylon v Titans (Regional League 2) 50-35 Q1 14-6 Babylon got off to a fast and furious start, taking an early lead in the game. Fantastic work from the defensive unit caused Titans to force the ball in which allowed the defensive pair to tip and intercept lots of ball. […]

  • Babylon v Imperial Royal s- 30th September

    Babylon v Imperial Royals 43-50 Babylon went into the first game of the season feeling positive with 4 new players in the squad giving us great versatility and different combinations. After settling into the game they came out of the first quarter 6 goals down 15-9 to Imps. Although Babylon […]

  • Babylon v Devizes – 2nd April

    Babylon v Devizes 42-26   Babylon played home at Westlands Sports Centre against Devizes for a critical final game of the season. Whoever won this game would be promoted to the Southwest Regional 2 League. We knew it would be a tough game and had to be prepared mentally, we had […]

  • Babylon v Old Chelts – 26th March

    Babylon v Old Chelts Final Score: 60-28 Babylon had a great day out in Gloucester today, winning decisively against Old Chelts. A steady first quarter ended 11:7 to Babylon, but it was a clinical second quarter in both attack and defence that saw Babylon pull away to have a half […]

  • Babylon v Poole B – 12th March

    Babylon v Poole B Final score: 49-32 Another crucial regional match for Babylon. This time a home fixture for the Yeovil team against Poole. A full squad of eleven players warmed up ready for the match. The game started goal for goal with the Poole GK injuring her ankle in […]

  • Babylon v Nationwide – 5th March

    Babylon v Nationwide (Regional) Final score: 39-42 A brand new combination for Babylon starting 7 with the usual C in defence. First centre pass to Babylon got intercepted and converted by Nationwide. Babylon stepped it up with a tight defence and converted it to equalise. Goal for goal in this […]

  • Babylon v Bournemouth – 26th February

    Babylon v Bournemouth Final score: 45-40 Babylon had a big game on their hands against Bournemouth, losing to them previously in the league in an away fixture. Both teams came out strong as shooters from both sides converted centre passes. A couple of flying interceptions from Babylon put them in […]

  • Babylon v Mavericks – 12th February

    Babylon v Mavericks Final score: 30-38 Babylon travelled to Bristol to face Mavericks who were top of the table. Babylon knew it was going to be a tough game and started the game well, matching Mavericks goal for goal. With tight defence from Mavericks, Babylon made a few mistakes and […]