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  • Aldon v Paulton (Cup) – 3rd February

    Aldon v Paulton (cup) 17-27 Aldon travelled to Paulton where the weather was against us. In the first quarter it took Aldon some time to work out how the other team played but Aldon fought for ever ball ending the quarter with spears leading 7-3 Aldon made some changes in […]

  • Aldon v Reckleford – 31st January

    Reckleford v. Aldon  Final Score:- 33-41 Aldon started off wanting the win in this inter club match so the nerves were showing and they took the first quarter to settle in. Reckleford came out all guns blazing and the 1st quarter finished with Reckleford in lead 11 – 7 Aldon […]

  • Aldon v Chalice (Cup) – 20th January

    Aldon v Chalice 35-29 Aldon travelled to Tor for their first Cup game of the season against Chalice. Despite being from the league below Aldon knew it was going to be a tough game, as Chalice had only been defeated once this season. It took Aldon a while to find […]

  • Aldon v Venus – 13th January

    Aldon v Venus 39-29 Aldon started off very positively with good team work and in both defense and attack. There was good movement about the court with good communication (which is something the team is focusing on). The quarter ended 14-6 to Aldon. The second quarter did not continue in the same vein as […]

  • Aldon v Rubies – 6th January

    Aldon v Rubies 50-57 Aldons first match back after the Christmas break was at home to Rubies. Already aware that the opposition were sitting comfortably at the top of the table, Aldon knew the match would be challenging, especially after a 4 week break. Taking to the court with a […]

  • Aldon v Walton – 2nd December

    Aldon v Walton 57-32 After a very quiet and timid game last week; this week saw a more determined Aldon take to the court. From the beginning every player set out to fight for every ball and put the pressure on the opposition. Aldon’s defence worked well together, making several interceptions, […]

  • Aldon v Blackdown – 25th November

    Aldon v Blackdown 37-37 Aldon started off slowly in the first quarter but managed to end 1 goal in front (9-8). Play was tight and players were struggling to keep control of the ball in the biting wind and low sun. Play was tentative whilst a relativelyunrecognisable Aldon fought to settle into the match. The team […]

  • Aldon v Rubies – 11th November

    Aldon v Rubies 48-50 Aldon travelled to Bridgwater this week to play top of the league, Rubies. Aldon new they had to go out fighting, and from the start the game was fast passed, with both teams evenly matched and going for the win.  Aldon managed to make some quick turnovers […]

  • Aldon v Priory – 4th November

    Aldon v Priory  42-42 Aldon took to the Court wanting to do their injured captain proud! The team settled well in the first quarter, with some flying interceptions by our defence and some lovely, patient play in and around the attacking D. The quarter ended with Aldon leading 11-8. Aldon […]

  • Aldon v Queensway – 21st October

    Aldon v Queensway 32-38 This week’s fixture was a home game in the dome against Queensway. Aldon struggled to get into the game in the first quarter with Queensway pulling away within a first few minutes. However Aldon finally settled into a rhythm, managing to turn over the ball with many interceptions and levelled […]