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  • Aldon v Queensway – 21st October

    Aldon v Queensway 32-38 This week’s fixture was a home game in the dome against Queensway. Aldon struggled to get into the game in the first quarter with Queensway pulling away within a first few minutes. However Aldon finally settled into a rhythm, managing to turn over the ball with many interceptions and levelled […]

  • Aldon v. Bishops – 7th October

    Aldon v Bishops  12-49  This week’s fixture for Aldon was away at Wells against Bishops. In wet conditions it was Bishops who started strongly, scoring the first few goals and settling quickly into their game. At the end of the first quarter Aldon were down 13 goals to 4.   In the second quarter, despite some […]

  • Aldon v Kites – 30th September

    Aldon v Kites 40-35   Aldon travelled to Keinton for their  third game of the season against Kites. The first quarter started well with Aldon taking the early lead and pulling ahead straight away extending the score difference by 4 goals at one point. However, Kites soon found their feet […]

  • Aldon v. Venus – 16th September

    Aldon v. Venus 33-24 Aldon travelled to Bridgwater for there second game of the season. Although missing some key players in the attacking circle aldon gave a good fight. The first quarter is always tense but aldons defence worked really hard and had some great turn overs in the circle. […]

  • Aldon v. Queensway – 9th Sept

    Aldon v Queensway 41-49 Aldon travelled to Taunton, to play their first game of the season against Queensway. This was the first time Aldon had the opportunity to play together as a team, although they were missing some of their vital centre court. The first half of the first quarter saw the team get to know one another’s play and settle in […]

  • Aldon v Rubies – 1st April

    Rubies v Aldon 55-23 Aldon started off the first quarter with high spirits and getting lots of interceptions. Even though it started raining we stayed strong. With a close score of 8-3 to Rubies at the end of the quarter. Despite the bad weather conditions, we carried on. Both defence […]

  • Aldon v Priory – 25th March

    Aldon v Priory Final Score: 45-33 Aldon went into their last home game of the season wanting the win. They started well but so did Priory matching goal for goal for the first 10 mins but Aldon settled finishing the first quarter 12-9. After a positive team talk from the […]

  • Aldon v Kites – 18th March

    Kites v Aldon Final score: 33-32 Aldon started off the first quarter with caution as the courts were wet and slippery. As they began to get used to the conditions and opposition, Aldon fought back to within 3 goals of the opposition in the first quarter. Both defence and attack gained […]

  • Aldon v Mars – 11th March

    Mars v Aldon Final score: 22-39 Aldon travelled to Bridgwater to play Mars. This was the first time Aldon had the chance to play against this team as they had previously cancelled the game due to lack of players. The first quarter saw a not so great start from Aldon, but there were some great interceptions and strongfeeds in from the circle […]

  • Aldon v Minstrels – 4th March

    Aldon v Minstrels Final score: 46-12 This week Aldon had a home game against Minstrels, the first quarter went well with the team working well together getting good interceptions from the defence and quick, accurate shooting. Resulting with a lead of 10-4. In the second quarter the team made some […]